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Jelly is a English speaking YouTuber.

About Jelly

Jelle Van Vucht (born October 14, 1996 [age 21]), also known as Jelly, is a Dutch gaming and vlogging YouTuber. He has over 12 million subscribers and his videos have been viewed over 2 billion times. He is a member of a small YouTube group called Robust who mainly plays GTA V, Scrap Mechanic, Garry's Mod and Golf it. Robust also have done Q&A videos. Everyone in the group owns at least one channel.

Personal Life

Jelly was born in the south of the Netherlands in Roermond. He followed an audio-visual course in Eindhoven but quit to focus on his own businesses. He is dating his girlfriend Sanna. She also has a YouTube channel named iamSanna.

Jelly's YouTube Channels

Jelle is known by the stage names JellyJelle Bay, or Jelly Bay. He uploads comedic gaming videos and vlogs. He creates videos with Kwebbelkop and Slogoman often and, has collaborated with other YouTubers on some occasions, one of them including one of most subscribed YouTuber, PewDiePie. He has a second channel called GTA5 videos where he helps to promote content creators in the YouTube gaming community.

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